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Can you be holy without being perfect? What is true holiness?

Holiness is important to God and should be to us, because without it we will never see God (Hebrews 12:14). Being holy doesnt mean you have to be perfect, cause nobody is perfect, but you should act as if God was there with you and to try to be as perfect as you can be. It is not enough to be holy in our personal and private lives; holiness must be manifested in all of our dealings with others. The word “Holy” is translated be means to “show or prove yourself.” That means show God your holy, He knows that nobody is perfect and He know that we all make mistakes and sins, but we should ask for forgiveness and become a holy figure for him and others.


“1. Holiness is the habit of being of one mind with God, hating what He hates, loving what he loves, measuring everything by the standard of his word. A love for all his ways. 2. Holiness is to endeavor to shun every known sin and keep every known commandment. A Greater joy is pleasing God than pleasing the world. 3. Holiness is striving to be like our Lord Jesus Christ in every way. To be conformed to His image. (Romans 8:29) To bear with and forgive others. To be unselfish, walking in love, a humble person. To be a faithful witness of truth. To be bold and uncompromising in denouncing sin. 4. Holiness is to follow after meekness, long-suffering, and let gentleness govern our tongue. 5. Holiness is the exercise of temperance and self denial. 6. Holiness is to demonstrate charity and brotherly love. 7. Holiness is to show mercy. 8. Holiness is to have purity of heart. 9. Holiness is to have a fear and awe of God. 10. Holiness is to follow after humility. 11. Holiness is to be faithful in duties and relationships. 12. Holiness is for a man to love his wife as Christ loves the church. A wife to submit ot her husband as to Christ.. 13. Holiness is to be spiritual minded. 14. And Holiness is to take those great steps of great faith, to grasp onto the call of God in our lives, knowing that He who calls us will work in us to achieve that goal before us!”